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Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26, Sunday

Big day.  As our Umpire "Uncle" Frank would say...."This is huuuuge."  World Series Championship Game, and I have the honor of the plate assignment.  And I have a great crew working with me.

Managers and Coaches shaking hands with my crew at the plate meeting.
Before the game I was outside the umpire's locker room and spotted Bill Bair (one of the old codgers ......and I say that affectionately) that I met twice at the Original Little League Field. He was the batting champion of the 1939 team.  I told him I was doing the plate and he was excited for me. He is a great guy, has all of the stories, and loves to tell you about them.

We watched the first game, the consolation game between the West and Latin America.  I had to leave early, to get a bite to eat and report to the locker room.  Cindy gave me a "good luck" kiss.

In a ceremony before the Championship game, they honored the Uganda team as the team with the best "sportsmanship."  They deserved that award "big time" as those kids exhibited the utmost in sportsmanship and desire while maintaining humbleness.  Their Coach was "one class act."  Absolutely a great guy.  I wanted to get a Uganda T-shirt, but they sold out real early in the tournament.

The crowd size at the final game was announced at 24,293....not bad for a Little League game.  The total crowd count for the entire tournament (many days had multiple games) was pegged at 366,261.
Parents of the Tennessee team.


Although the Tennessee team was a great team, Japan won the game with the 10 run rule at the end of 5 innings.  Japan's pitching, offense, and defense was arguably, the best of the 16 teams.

After the game Cindy and I walked down to the photo tent to order some photos.  Then the storm came in...and really came down hard.  I'm glad it didn't happen during the game, as it was flooding the place.  

Add Here I am trying to get my suitcase full of umpire gear into the car.  I got soaked "big time."


When I got back to the hotel, there was a party going on.  Food and beverages.

Here I am sitting with my friends enjoying time with my friends.

Vicky, John, Dan, and Jenice.

John Vicky Cindy, Dan (notice my soaked shirt from the rain)


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.  I've actually enjoyed writing it.

It is impossible to put in to words the feelings I have being a Little League World Series umpire.  This place is "magical."  You have to be here to understand what I'm getting at.  There are hundreds of volunteers that make this happen, with quality people making decisions at the helm.  Little League Baseball, the largest youth sports organization in the world, is in very good hands.  I want to say "thank you" to my umpire crew members, umpire coordinators, and all the people who run Little League International for making this experience a dream come true.  I started this series with the plate assignment for Game 1, and ended this series with the plate at the final Championship game.  Memories of those games, and everything in between....I will never forget.  I have experienced "The Road to Williamsport....the umpire's "Golden Summer."

Dan Campagnolo
Little League World Series Umpire 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday  August 25  11:46 pm

It's been a great day.  

The Challenger game was awesome.  Watching those kids having so much fun...I tell puts tears in your eyes.   A wonderful experience for the kids, buddies, volunteers, and us umpires.
All the Challenger players war honored at the ceremony before the game.

My game (International Championship between Latin America and Japan) was a well played game.  It appears Japan's pitching and offense was better, and the final score showed that.  My hat's off to the Latin America team, they worked very hard to get to the International Championship.

I watched the U.S. Championship from the stands.  Wow...what a show of offense.  Final score looked like a football game score.  The West was down by 10 runs (15 - 5) going to their last at bat...and they score 10 to tie it for extra innings! (15 - 15).  Then Tennessee answers back with 9 more runs in the 7th.  I'll bet all the nail salons are booked for tomorrow as I'm sure all those Little League Moms bit their fingernails down to the nubs.  Anyway, Tennessee wins it and goes to the Final Championship tomorrow.  The West team has a lot of "heart" ....they showed that on the field.

Final score.  Bottom of the 6th (West) is a 10, not a 0.

Schedule for tomorrow, Sunday,  Final Games:

Consolation Game   West vs Latin America  
11:00 am EST (8:00 am your time)  ESPN

Plate   Martin Weber     (Germany)
1st       Bruce Dinkel     (New Mexico)
2nd     Robbie Guest    (Georgia)
3rd      Marty Jones      (West Virginia)
LF      Dale Blevins      (Virginia)
RF     Juan Garza        (Texas)

World Series Championship Game  South East vs Japan
3:00 pm EST (12:00 noon your time)  ABC and ESPN 3D

Plate   Dan Campagnolo   (California)
1st       Darrin Besescheck  (Connecticut)
2nd     Jose Chaparro   (Puerto Rico)
3rd      Chet Cooper  (Ohio)
LF       Tony Cooper  (California)
RF      Terry Stansberry  (Texas)

That's read it correctly...I'm doing the plate at the final Championship game.
This is a dream come true!

Be sure to tune in.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Morning, August 24

Umpire meeting was held at 9:00 am for schedule distribution for Saturday's Championship games.  No schedule yet for the Final Championship or Consolation game on Sunday.  That will probably be available late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

Friday is a "day off" for everybody.  Although I'm attending an World Series Umpire Alumni luncheon at 1:00.  Then a West Region Dinner at 5:30.

Saturday morning I plan to participate in the Challenger Division Exhibition Game.  The Challenger Division was established in 1989, as a separate division of Little League that enables boys and girls with physical and development challenges to enjoy the game of baseball.  It might be televised on Comcast.  Not sure.  It will be carried live on the internet worldwide at   Game time is Saturday, 10:30 am EST.  If you watch it, have a box of Kleenex close by, as you will be touched by this event.

I'm very excited and honored as I received the plate assignment for the International Championship game, and I have an excellent crew working with me.  

Saturday  12:30 pm EST (9:30 am your time)
International Championship game (televised on ABC or ESPN 3D)
Japan vs Latin America (Panama)

Plate     Dan Campagnolo  (California)
1st         Bruce Dinkel          (New Mexico)
2nd       Torben Begines     (Idaho)
3rd        Tony Cooper          (California)
LF         Robbie Guest         (Georgia)
RF        Juan Garza             (Texas)

And don't forget to watch this one also....

Saturday   3:30 pm EST (12:30 pm your time)
U.S.  Championship game (televised on ABC or ESPN 3D)
Southeast (Tennessee) vs West (Petaluma, CA)

Plate    Jose Chaparro          (Puerto Rico)
1st        Darrin Besescheck  (Connecticut)
2nd      Jesse Howard           (Iowa)
3rd       George Luff II       (Delaware)
LF        Terry Stansberry       (Texas)
RF       John Mitchell             (Canada)

Here are some photos from yesterday......

Typical crowd at a game yesterday, about 15,000.

Here I am at the plate meeting shaking hands with the coach from Mexico.

CA 12 District Administrator Jenice Condie "mooshing" with her friends before a game.

Me "mooshing" with World Series Umpires from previous years.

Here I am with my buddies umpire extraordinaries John and Howard.

In the late evening we are invited to a Hospitality Room sponsored by the Little League World Series Umpire Association for some snacks and a keg of "soda pop."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday, August 23.

Two more well played games today.  I did 2nd base at the International Semi final.

Final teams left.....For Saturday:

Latin America vs Japan for International Championship   12:30  EST

West vs South East for US Championship   3:30  EST

For Sunday:

Consolation game    11:00  EST

Final Championship game   3:00  EST

We are having a meeting tomorrow morning to get our schedules.  I'll let you know.  Any time the West team is playing a game, the 3 West Region Umpires can not do that game.  I'm a West Region umpire, so that will influence my schedule.  We'll see.

Went to an awards breakfast this morning.  About 250 people.  "Anybody who is anybody" in Little League Baseball was there.

Tomorrow is an off day......but I do have a meeting at 9:00 am, a luncheon at 1:00, and a Dinner at 5:30.

They are keeping us busy !


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, August 22

Two very good games today.  I didn't have much action on the LF line.  Just a couple of routine calls.

Tomorrow (Thursday, August 23)  Mexico is playing Latin America
I'll be at 2nd base.  Time of game is 4:00 EST so that means 1:00 PST.

The West team plays on Thursday also.  That game is 8:00 EST (5:00 your time).  It will be West vs South East as South West (Texas) lost tonight in a very well played close game.  It was exciting to watch.  It is amazing the size of the crowds at these games.  Tonight was around 16,000.

If the West wins tomorrow night that will affect my assignments in the final games as I can not umpire their games (I'm a West Region umpire).  We'll see how it pans out.

Off of 4th street is this "cul-de-sac" formed by 3 large buildings.  There was a beautiful mural on each building.  Here are a few pictures.

Cindy next to some baseball players painted on the mural wall

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday, August 21

Had a good game today.  Caribbean vs Mexico.  The six man crew did a great job.  I had 1st base.  1st base seems to be the "challenge spot" lately.  I had two whackers.  First one was "safe"...close but no challenge.....must be getting some respect around here.  Second one was reeeaaally close.  I banged it.  Sure enough, it was challenged.  So much for the respect.  Gets a little lonely out there when they are reviewing the figure all the cameras are on you.  Then the result....he's still out.  Your confidence goes up about 10 points when that happens, and back to work you go.  It's a little after midnight and I'm watching ESPN right now, and I see the play.  It made #4 on ESPN's top 10 today!

I watched the MEA (Middle East Africa...Uganda) vs NorthWest today.  The Uganda team won the game by one run.  Little League history was made today with that team.  That team has stole the hearts of many.  They are such nice kids...and their Coach is one class guy. Hope they come back next year.

Tomorrow, there are just two games.  I'll be working the Left Field line in the 4:00 EST game.  That would be 1:00 PST.  It will be Latin America vs Japan, ESPN.

My son Greg scored with pictures today.  He was having a great time "schmozzing" with the celebrities.  Take a look.
Greg with Orel Hershiser

Greg with Nomar Garciaparra

Greg with ESPN commentator Jenn Brown

Dan Greg and Cindy.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, August 20

My family came over for breakfast (both sons and grandson Justise).  We went back to the old "Original" Little League field as I wanted my oldest son, Greg to see it.  We had fun talking to those old guys again...more great stories.  At the original snack shack at the original field is a display of pins.  I donated one of my umpire pins and the guy hung it up with the others.  Can you find it?  Where's Waldo?

I had the RF line on my first game today (Canada vs Caribbean).  There was a rain delay, and the tarp was applied over the infield.  When the rain stopped, those group crews really worked hard to get the field back to pristine condition.  There has been quite a few home runs today and our game a had a couple of dingers.  Hope you saw my home run mechanic...little different from everyone else's.

My second game was Taiwan vs Mexico.  There was some close plays and the coaches were "challenging" them.  Recent Little League rules let a coach challenge some calls, and they check it on slow motion replay at various angles.  The philosophy is "Let's use technology to help get the call right."  If the coach "loses" 2 challenges in a game, he can't challenge any more.  It was a very well played game.  I see many friends in the stands.  Howard Dickson usually says hello every day from the stands.  Raymy Brown flew in today. Jaime Perez flew in from his Senior World Series (it's over now) to watch me.  John Hoppin has been here since the start.  It is great that they (and spouses) are here to enjoy this excitement and support me.

After my second game we all got together for a great meal at this little "hole in the wall" Italian restaurant.  It's called Franco's.  Absolutely great food at very reasonable prices.   It is great to share a meal with my family and friends.

We get our umpire schedules daily at the end of the last game of the day.  The coordinators are doing a great job making sure the schedules are correct (you can't umpire in a game where your region is playing)

Only 3 games tomorrow.  16 umpires for 18 umpire slots.

My schedule for Tuesday, August 21

GAME 21   CARIBBEAN vs MEXICO  4:00 EST (1:00 pm your time)  1st base.

Tune in if you can.