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Friday, August 17, 2012


Did two games today.

3:00 (EST) game was Mid-Atlantic vs Southwest.  I had the right field line.  And I had 5 calls! There was a home run in right/center so that was my call.  Hope you were lucky enough to see my home run mechanic....little different, but pretty cool.  Also had a double over the fence, catch, no catch, and a foul ball call about 1 1/2 feet foul near the home run fence into the outfield area.  The 6 man crew worked very well together.  Somewhere at mid-game the rain started to fall.  Came down pretty hard, but the field held up well and we got the complete game in.

8:00 pm game....Great Lakes vs Northwest.  A very well played game played by both teams.  I had 3rd base.  Had a screamer down the line over the bag for a "fair mechanic."  Also had two extremely close plays at third.

Got our schedule for tomorrow only this evening.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I will be at Lamade stadium doing the 3:00 EST game.  I have 2nd base.  It is going to be on ESPN and ABC.

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  1. Great Job Dan, you are doing us proud! I paused the DVR and took some photo's, you look pretty good on TV (even when you take one off the chin). Click on the link to see the pictures I posted (or feel free to add any of them to your blog)