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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday, August 16.
View of the stands during opening ceremony.

Opening day.  They had a very well organized opening day ceremony.  All the teams lined up on the field.  16 teams from all over the world in different color uniforms.  Very colorful, very exciting.
Players lining up in the tunnel under the stands ready to line up in the ceremony.
Little League pledge spoken in many languages.
Wade Boggs throws out the first pitch.

Opening game.  I'm at the plate working with a six man crew.  Japan vs Caribbean.  7,300 people in the stands.  Japan wins 7-0, but that score doesn't tell the whole story.   Both teams played very well.  The pitching was excellent.  They were throwing fastballs, curves, sliders, and change ups.  The Japanese pitcher was throwing 75-78 mph which converts (on the small field / big field conversion table) to about 105 mph reaction time.  I'm glad that team had a good catcher !

Plate meeting with the Manager, Coach and interpreter.
This shot was taken off Michael T's. TV,  Bottom caption (Braves vs Padres )  is not part of my game.
This view shows my best agree?

My crew did a great job.  Let me tell you......Words can't describe the feeling I had as the plate guy for the opening game at the Little League World Series.  After the first pitch (strike, of course), all the nervousness went away and I was able to get down to business and have a lot of fun.  This Series is so well organized, I can hardly believe it. I am still pinching myself !

Saw this on a bill board sign on the way back to the hotel.  That was my game !

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  1. Hey Dan, I caught the game yesterday. It was fun seeing you on TV. You had a nice "Strike" move, though not as good as Enrico Palazzo from the Naked Gun movie. The commentators mentioned you a couple of times, and even said you came from Oak Grove H.S. They also complimented you for umpiring a good game. Nicely done.

    That foul ball off your face mask looked like it hit you pretty hard, though not as bad as the batter hit in the head. Good to see him jump up pretty quick.

    That one play at the plate was pretty close. You called the runner out, but when they showed the replay, it looked like he might have been safe. From your point of view, it appeared he touched the batter when he slid past the plate, but from the view above, it seems since he missed him by a couple of inches. Since you couldn't possibly view the play from that angle, you made the right call.