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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday, August 15

Lots of meetings this morning with Little League staff.  We received our ID cards (permanent pass), parking pass, tickets to the games for family, and two umpire hats.  Went over some game procedures.  Explained to us how and why they use video replay that may change a call.  It was explained to us in a positive fashion, as Little League wants to make sure we get the call right.

From the main conference room at the Little League headquarters is an absolutely beautiful view of the two main fields and the practice fields.  Everything I've seen on TV in the past is right there in from of my eyes.  It is awesome !  Can't wait to get on that field.

This afternoon all the umpires will be part of the annual Little League World Series parade. We will be wearing our uniforms (light blue shirts).  It is a huge parade, lasts a few hours.  In downtown Williamsport you can see chairs lined up (saving spots) along the route.  People just leave their personal fold up type chair on the sidewalk on the parade route.  Some were there last night.  People respect the fact it is somebody else's chair and that is their spot.

We got our schedule for the first 2 days.  Remember two paragraphs up I said I can't wait to get on the field?  Well, I have the first game of the Series and I got the plate.  I consider that an honor.  I'll be setting the "standard."

GAME 1    Japan vs Caribbean
Thursday, August 16  1:00 pm EST (that would probably be 10:00 am PST) PLATE UMPIRE

GAME 6   Mid-Atlantic vs Southwest
Friday, August 17,  3:00 pm EST (12:00 noon PST)   RIGHT FIELD LINE UMPIRE

GAME 8   Great Lakes vs Northwest
Friday, August 17, 8:00 pm EST (5:00 pm PST)   THIRD BASE UMPIRE

REQUEST...Will somebody Pleeeeeease tape/DVR Game 1.  Then we gotta find a way to get it to a DVD,



  1. Good luck tomorrow Dan! I will be watching the game, but Ray will be driving to Tahoe during that time. We will make sure that we DVR that first game! Have fun!

  2. Good Luck this morning! We will also DVR it, I'm sure someone could figure out how to transfer it!

  3. Awesome game Dan! Excellent field presence, super timing and rock solid zone. You set the bar very high for the rest of the umpires.

    Looked like quite a shot you took off the mask. I hope you don't have any lasting effects from that one.

  4. Fantastic job today! Drawing the opener must have been nerve-wracking, but you didn't show it.

    Best of luck the rest of the way from a 2011 LLWS umpire!
    Rich Pothier

  5. Great game Dan - even the announcers paid you a compliment on your game management.

    Ed Hansen

  6. Hey Dan we had a nice shout out this morning on KRTY for your first game and I know my KLIV newsroom is trying to get ahold of you for an interview! Have a great time. Nate

  7. I've got it on Dvr...I transferred my BLWS game from DVR to DVD last year, so I can do it...BUT, of course, I've forgotten how by now. Will figure it out for you. Great job today! Lotsa props from the ESPN crew, too.

  8. Great blog Dan! I am watching this morning's game at A complete list of replays can be found here:

  9. Great game Dan! Nice way to start the series, you represent the South Bay well! Lot's of camera time!!!

  10. Dan,

    Great performance today. You represented very well. I've got you covered on the DVD.

    Mark Houde

  11. Dan, Just finished watching the game - and boy - did you set a high standard! Awesome mechanics; great consistent zone - even when they were throwing 100+ mph at you. Looked like you were having a great time. Can't wait to see your next one

  12. Nice work, Dan. I recorded the first two hours of the broadcast and watched it last night. Good timing throughout. I saw Torben working first base and read another blog from a WR umpire who was on your LF line. I thought WP may have been stacking the crew to get the first game off smoothly! Have fun this evening - I may get home in time to watch that one.
    Richard DeBolt

  13. Hi Dan! Elaine sent an email out to several of us to follow you. I watched the replay on ESPN's website of yesterday's game last night and caught you at 3rd base tonight! What an honor it is to see you at your best...even your "OUT" calls are like you showed me outside of your office last semester!! I think there are a bunch of OG followers!

    I'm going to figure out a way to post a link to the LL World Series on my Facebook page as I have many friends who are baseball and Little League fans! Hope you're having a great time!

    Oh...I loved your story about getting out of that speeding ticket! Working it, Mr. Camp!

    Best to you,
    Maureen Susino