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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Morning, August 14

Packed up the car and took off to Williamsport around 9:00 am.  Speed limits are slower in this part of the country.  Highways are usually 45 mph or 55 mph, with a few spots at 65 mph.

Anyway....I'm going on a posted 55 mph stretch.  Probably going about 62 mph.  That's OK...right?  NOT !!!!   On the 55 mph stretch, the slope starts downhill, so I'm coasting.  In the middle of the downhill is a 45 mph speed limit sign, and at the bottom of the guest it a state patrolman.

I see him, slow down a bit, and as I passed him, I look in my rear view mirror.  He casually gets in his cruiser and within 30 seconds, I see the flashing lights.  I ask with a respectful voice, "Hi officer, was I doing anything wrong?"  He says "Yes, I have you on radar going 63 in a 45."  He asked for my driver's license and insurance, and I tell him that I just got this rental car, and I am not familiar with the territory.  I told him I need to figure out how this cruise control works.  He asks me if I am a good driver in California, and of course I responded "Yes I am, sir."  He takes my driver's license to his patrol car, does some computer stuff and returns.  'Well, I'm going to give you a break, we'll call this a warning."  He asked me where I am headed, and I told him "I'm off to Williamsport, I'm an umpire for the Little League World Series."  He said he grew up in that area, and always watches the tournament on TV.  I gave him one of my personal umpire pins and he thanked me, I shook his hand , and off I went.

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  1. Those pins are coming in handy!! :) I guess you did need 1000 of them!