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Monday, August 6, 2012

Umpire Dan Campagnolo....a little more about me.

            I've been a volunteer umpire for Little League the past 21 years.  I got started like most of us as a Manager/Coach for my son's teams when they played Little league baseball from 1982 - 1991.  I worked my way up to Manager of a Major team.  The rules in those days were the Manger and Coach had to umpire in the Minor Leagues in addition to all the other responsibilities.   So my Coach and I did just that.  We jumped in with no formal umpire training.  I thought we did pretty darn good....but now that I looked back....we stunk !  But the more games I umpired, I realized I actually liked it.  I told myself when my sons complete their Little League experience, I would give back to Little League and become a volunteer umpire.

            In addition to umpiring for Little League, I also do High School and Community College ball. I've gone to numerous umpire clinics....week long umpire school in San Bernardino (1999), Jim Evans weekend clinic, high school and college clinics.  I am an instructor at the high school and little league clinics in my area.  I've had some excellent umpire mentors who have helped me "move up the ladder" and am thankful for all they have taught me.

            On the personal side I just recently (last month) retired from my profession.  39 years as a high school educator.  20 years as an Industrial Arts and Mathematics teacher and 19 years as an Academic Counselor.  I finished up my career (the past 13 years) as Head Counselor of Oak Grove High School in San Jose, CA.  I've been married to Cindy (we just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary) and have two adult sons.
           I've been the Chief Umpire for California District 12 for over a decade.  Did my Western Regional at San Bernardino in 1999....and have been nominated to the list to umpire the Little League World Series every year starting with the year 2000.  I thought it would never happen...the odds are against you as about 80 umpires qualify every year (from Regionals) for these 16 coveted spots. The list grows exponentially. is timing....and my time finally came...and boy, am I excited !  This is going to be one heck of a "Golden Summer" for this umpire.

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