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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday, August 23.

Two more well played games today.  I did 2nd base at the International Semi final.

Final teams left.....For Saturday:

Latin America vs Japan for International Championship   12:30  EST

West vs South East for US Championship   3:30  EST

For Sunday:

Consolation game    11:00  EST

Final Championship game   3:00  EST

We are having a meeting tomorrow morning to get our schedules.  I'll let you know.  Any time the West team is playing a game, the 3 West Region Umpires can not do that game.  I'm a West Region umpire, so that will influence my schedule.  We'll see.

Went to an awards breakfast this morning.  About 250 people.  "Anybody who is anybody" in Little League Baseball was there.

Tomorrow is an off day......but I do have a meeting at 9:00 am, a luncheon at 1:00, and a Dinner at 5:30.

They are keeping us busy !


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