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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday  August 25  11:46 pm

It's been a great day.  

The Challenger game was awesome.  Watching those kids having so much fun...I tell puts tears in your eyes.   A wonderful experience for the kids, buddies, volunteers, and us umpires.
All the Challenger players war honored at the ceremony before the game.

My game (International Championship between Latin America and Japan) was a well played game.  It appears Japan's pitching and offense was better, and the final score showed that.  My hat's off to the Latin America team, they worked very hard to get to the International Championship.

I watched the U.S. Championship from the stands.  Wow...what a show of offense.  Final score looked like a football game score.  The West was down by 10 runs (15 - 5) going to their last at bat...and they score 10 to tie it for extra innings! (15 - 15).  Then Tennessee answers back with 9 more runs in the 7th.  I'll bet all the nail salons are booked for tomorrow as I'm sure all those Little League Moms bit their fingernails down to the nubs.  Anyway, Tennessee wins it and goes to the Final Championship tomorrow.  The West team has a lot of "heart" ....they showed that on the field.

Final score.  Bottom of the 6th (West) is a 10, not a 0.

Schedule for tomorrow, Sunday,  Final Games:

Consolation Game   West vs Latin America  
11:00 am EST (8:00 am your time)  ESPN

Plate   Martin Weber     (Germany)
1st       Bruce Dinkel     (New Mexico)
2nd     Robbie Guest    (Georgia)
3rd      Marty Jones      (West Virginia)
LF      Dale Blevins      (Virginia)
RF     Juan Garza        (Texas)

World Series Championship Game  South East vs Japan
3:00 pm EST (12:00 noon your time)  ABC and ESPN 3D

Plate   Dan Campagnolo   (California)
1st       Darrin Besescheck  (Connecticut)
2nd     Jose Chaparro   (Puerto Rico)
3rd      Chet Cooper  (Ohio)
LF       Tony Cooper  (California)
RF      Terry Stansberry  (Texas)

That's read it correctly...I'm doing the plate at the final Championship game.
This is a dream come true!

Be sure to tune in.



    You deserve this !!
    Enjoy !!

  2. Dan,

    That's awesome. You deserve it. The Petaluma loss must be a bitter-sweet victory for you. I'm sure you were torn up inside watching the game.

    Isn't Japan getting tired of you behind the plate?

    Give 'em your best.

    Mark Houde

  3. Congratulations!! Well-deserved and the LLWS is lucky to have you!

    Have fun.

  4. Fantastic, make sure you smile a lot and have a great time, you deserve it.

  5. Wow - back-to-back plates on the last weekend! Hope you get a good finals game.

  6. Congrats on your special weekend! You did a great job!