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Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, August 20

My family came over for breakfast (both sons and grandson Justise).  We went back to the old "Original" Little League field as I wanted my oldest son, Greg to see it.  We had fun talking to those old guys again...more great stories.  At the original snack shack at the original field is a display of pins.  I donated one of my umpire pins and the guy hung it up with the others.  Can you find it?  Where's Waldo?

I had the RF line on my first game today (Canada vs Caribbean).  There was a rain delay, and the tarp was applied over the infield.  When the rain stopped, those group crews really worked hard to get the field back to pristine condition.  There has been quite a few home runs today and our game a had a couple of dingers.  Hope you saw my home run mechanic...little different from everyone else's.

My second game was Taiwan vs Mexico.  There was some close plays and the coaches were "challenging" them.  Recent Little League rules let a coach challenge some calls, and they check it on slow motion replay at various angles.  The philosophy is "Let's use technology to help get the call right."  If the coach "loses" 2 challenges in a game, he can't challenge any more.  It was a very well played game.  I see many friends in the stands.  Howard Dickson usually says hello every day from the stands.  Raymy Brown flew in today. Jaime Perez flew in from his Senior World Series (it's over now) to watch me.  John Hoppin has been here since the start.  It is great that they (and spouses) are here to enjoy this excitement and support me.

After my second game we all got together for a great meal at this little "hole in the wall" Italian restaurant.  It's called Franco's.  Absolutely great food at very reasonable prices.   It is great to share a meal with my family and friends.

We get our umpire schedules daily at the end of the last game of the day.  The coordinators are doing a great job making sure the schedules are correct (you can't umpire in a game where your region is playing)

Only 3 games tomorrow.  16 umpires for 18 umpire slots.

My schedule for Tuesday, August 21

GAME 21   CARIBBEAN vs MEXICO  4:00 EST (1:00 pm your time)  1st base.

Tune in if you can.  


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  1. Hey Dan

    So excited you get to participate. We are rooting for my town, Petaluma. Looking forward to reading all your posts.

    Christy (Henares) Kenyon
    Your neighbor from Lyric Lane