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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 18

Did 2nd base today.  Not a lot of action at that base today, but the few calls I had, I got em right with correct mechanics.

It appears we will be getting our umpire schedules daily.

My games for Sunday, August 19

9:00 (your time)  Canada vs Latin America   1ST  BASE  ESPN 2

2:00 (your time)  Southwest vs Great Lakes    LF Line     ESPN

My son Scott and Justise (my grandson) arrived yesterday and accompanied us.  Justise is getting excited about baseball pin trading.

The four of us (Scott, Justise, Cindy and myself) visited the original Little League World Series ball field earlier today.  Carl Stoltz (the founder of Little League) built that field and they used it for the first 12 Little League World Series (1947-1958).  Some real interesting stuff there.  There was a half dozen old "codgers" there telling stories of the early days, what there uniforms looked like, catcher's equipment, etc.  These guys had a wealth of knowledge of the early days of Little League.  I really enjoyed talking with them.

These old guys had a wealth of knowledge of the history of Little League Baseball

Here I am watching a game and clowning around with "Dugout"

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  1. Dan, in the picture with the "old codgers", which one is you? LOL! Oh yeh, you're the only one with a cell phone on his belt!

    Hey, if you haven't already seen it, you're gonna love the slowmo of the hit to your mask in your first game.

    Mark & Debbie Osborn