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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday, August 21

Had a good game today.  Caribbean vs Mexico.  The six man crew did a great job.  I had 1st base.  1st base seems to be the "challenge spot" lately.  I had two whackers.  First one was "safe"...close but no challenge.....must be getting some respect around here.  Second one was reeeaaally close.  I banged it.  Sure enough, it was challenged.  So much for the respect.  Gets a little lonely out there when they are reviewing the figure all the cameras are on you.  Then the result....he's still out.  Your confidence goes up about 10 points when that happens, and back to work you go.  It's a little after midnight and I'm watching ESPN right now, and I see the play.  It made #4 on ESPN's top 10 today!

I watched the MEA (Middle East Africa...Uganda) vs NorthWest today.  The Uganda team won the game by one run.  Little League history was made today with that team.  That team has stole the hearts of many.  They are such nice kids...and their Coach is one class guy. Hope they come back next year.

Tomorrow, there are just two games.  I'll be working the Left Field line in the 4:00 EST game.  That would be 1:00 PST.  It will be Latin America vs Japan, ESPN.

My son Greg scored with pictures today.  He was having a great time "schmozzing" with the celebrities.  Take a look.
Greg with Orel Hershiser

Greg with Nomar Garciaparra

Greg with ESPN commentator Jenn Brown

Dan Greg and Cindy.


  1. Looks like Greg is having a great time!!

  2. Incredible that you made ESPN top plays. I was watching sports center and I saw you nail that close call on the bunt play. Incredible defense by Mexico! Keep up the great work...

  3. My father Howard told me about your blog. It is great to read about your daily experiences. I have been watching your games and looking for your calls. Great job! Thank you for sharing this wonderful time.

  4. You are doing such a great job! We taped yesterday's game in 3D, sweeeeet!!!!!

    Keep up the good work!
    Mar and Mike