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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday, Aug 19

Did two games today.  First game was Canada vs Latin America and I had 1st base.  Had two bang bang "whacker" calls and I am confident I got em.  One of them was really, really close.  I don't get slow motion replay with five angles, but if you saw something different, let me know.

Second game (Southwest vs Great Lakes) I had the LF line.  Not much action in left field that game.

My son Greg flew in today, so now my entire family is here (Cindy, Greg, Scott, myself...and my grandson Justise).  

Cindy and I went to a fancy breakfast this morning at a country club.   Very nice.

Here is a view of the Country Club from the outside.

Watched the evening game today Japan vs Asia Pacific.  Great game.  Score Zero - Zero through 8 1/2 innings.  A real pitcher's duel.  30 combined strikeouts.  Bottom of the 9th with one runner on base, batter from Japan (in the 9th batting position) jacks a walk off home run....great game.

Games for tomorrow  Monday, August 20

11:00 am (your time)   ESPN       CANADA vs CARIBBEAN.  I have the RF line.

3:00 pm (your time)     ESPN2     ASIA PACIFIC (I think)  vs MEXICO.  I have 3rd base.


  1. Dan,
    Good job on those whackers at first, and your usual fine choreography on the whacker mechanic!